Freedom from Extremism a Way Back from the Brink

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I do not have the right to tell you who you will meet in the hereafter. You must grant me the same right and do not have the right to tell me who I will meet in the hereafter. How we deal with each other while we are here on earth is by respecting a boundary of individual freedom. It is drawn and ends at the point of doing physical harm to another. The boundary of freedom can be changed only through a dialogue of negotiation or by means of fair trade. These are absolute rights inherent in every human's existence. If you disagree with the parameter of these rights and seek to impose a standard of conduct that violates my inherent rights. Then I claim the right to protect myself from your tyranny and escape from it by whatever means are available or failing this kill you if I have the power to do so.

This simply stated position is a new foundation for dealing with the rising tide of extremism. It opens a path back to moderation, coexistence and cooperation by imposing an ultimate consequence on the behavior of extremists. It implies that freedom is the birth right of every individual. The essence of freedom can not be granted or given because its origin is born first in hearts and minds. Freedom can only be claimed, then won and protected by means of effort, discipline, wisdom and knowledge. Freedom exists to inspire the best in humans and therefore must never be compromised but should be nurtured only by the active demonstration of the potential it offers. You can not liberate another human or country. You can only demonstrate the potential, happiness and joy of an existence based in freedom. Liberation is an individual battle that is first, always and only joined in the heart and mind.

Granted this is an esoteric position so, perhaps a few examples to see how it might play out against the current turbulence of the modern world. Would we have religious fundamentalists, be they Islamic, Christian or some other sect, seeking to impose spiritual beliefs on anyone? No, they must agree that they do not have this right or face an ultimate consequence. Would we have a world superpower engaged in protecting its economic and political interests by attempting to build democracy? No, freedom can not be grant or given. It must be won by those who cherish it. Economic and political interests can be extended only through negotiation and trade. Dependence on oil can not be secured by force it can only be traded for or innovated around. Could women be subjugated, forced to bear children or have abortions? No, they are individuals and have a claim to the boundary of freedom.

Their decisions about children are ultimately spiritual in nature and therefore can not be imposed. Would this new position have profound political implications if trumpeted in a democracy and allowed to ascend as the focus of political debate? Yes, it represents a new foundation for decisions and offers a new set of solutions. It undermines the chaotic entropic trends towards extremism by offering a rational unassailable position for moving forward. It offers the hope, freedom and justice that humanity desperately needs to save itself.

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Freedom from Extremism a Way Back from the Brink

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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