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Freedom is something every one craves all the time regardless of any situation they are faced with. Freedom is the rush of air hitting you when you ride all the way to work. Freedom is that parking place you find easily because a scooter can be parked anywhere easily. Freedom is the excellent mileage you receive. Freedom is the that wonderful feeling when you ride your scooter down quaint roads on a lazy Sunday evening with your loved one. Freedom is the ability to just start your scooter and go anywhere you like, anytime you want.

Scooters have always been the vehicle of choice of the truly free. When Scooters were launched, somewhere around the 60's, the first people to embrace it were college students and the flower power generation, a trend that still exists today. College students prefer scooters any day and always swear by it. Haven't you seen movies where college kids have their scooters and zip around in a carefree everywhere. Scooters the entered a whole new spectrum. Scooters were being slowly adopted by aged people and people with handicaps to get around. The mobility and the ease of riding a scooter gave these people the freedom to commute regardless of their disability. Scooters are not only trendy and cool but they also are pretty neat at at what they do. Mobility is a huge aspect in our busy day to day lives. To live an uncluttered life is the primary objective towards being truly free. Compared to the "claustrophobia" of a car, a scooter is the ultimate relief. But with great freedom, must come great caution. Scooters should be ridden safely taking into account the well-being of self as well as that of other people. We have detailed some safe riding trips in our our earlier post.

Happy Scootering to everyone!

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Scooters for Freedom

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This article was published on 2010/09/16