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When I had finished writing "Your Personal Path To Freedom" it came out at over 2000 words, so I decided to publish it in 3 parts. This is the start of the series.

Before I explore this splendid journey, I would like you to consider what your own idea of freedom is?

  • Freedom of speech perhaps
  • Freedom to travel
  • Freedom to choose your political leader
  • Financial freedom
  • Freedom to follow a life of your own choosing

These are all worthy notions, but aren't they all a little constrained by the pressures modern society places on us? Which ones are most important to you as an individual?

We are free to speak our minds, but we must be careful of what we say in public. We are free to travel, but this freedom is impacted upon by our financial situation. We are free to vote for the political party of our choice, but isn't it true that the 51% majority can rule over the other 49%.

Does not our financial freedom depend upon how much money we can earn, when 1% of the population, has 99% of all the money. We are free to lead our own lives as we wish, but is the career you are now in, the one you planned for yourself? Or did you plan at all, just taking the first job that you could get.

If you think I paint a dour picture dear reader, I use it to merely illustrate how difficult modern society can be, if we live life on its terms. You see, personal freedom doesn't just happen, our life is a journey and the point where you find yourself right now, is a culmination of the choices YOU made along the way.

Personal freedom comes from WITHIN, from how you view yourself, from how you relate to those around you, how you relate to your partners, and how you relate to the outside world. Some people have what it takes to live a prosperous and generous life from the outset, but most of us have to learn via the hard knocks school of life as we go along.

For those of you whom are not one of the small minority, here are the steps that will set you on your path to freedom.

Step 1
You must TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN LIFE, and do not let your life be dictated to you by society! How do I do that I hear you ask? At this point you need do no more than to make the decision. However, it is not sufficient to just make a statement in your mind, but you must transfer it to your subconscious mind by mingling the thought with feeling and emotion. If you do not do this, then you will fail at this first step because your belief comes from the subconscious. So you must really want to take the responsibility on, to START down your path to freedom. To aid you in this, think deeply and visualize yourself in the life you want to lead for a few minutes, when you first wake in a morning, and lastly before you go to sleep.

Step 2
DECIDE what it is you want to do. By this I am not talking simply of a job, I'm asking you what lights your fire! What is your passion, your burning desire! Do you want to be an entrepreneur, a dancer or an actor, a doctor or a nurse. Is it money you desire, or to be more expressive. At this point education or whether you can afford it has nothing to do with it, remember, Henry Ford and Richard Branson both started their empires with no qualifications and no money. You must simply identify your desire without any boundaries.

I must note for you at this time that, personal freedom is not just a matter of taking responsibility, and deciding what it is you want. Personal freedom is not just a money chase either, as I mentioned earlier, it comes from WITHIN. Personal freedom is a two tier journey. As you pursue your outward targets, you must grow inwardly as a person at the same time. Indeed, your success on your personal path to freedom will be directly linked to your personal growth!

Part 2 will describe this more fully, and chart the next steps on your personal path to freedom.

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Your Personal Path to Freedom

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This article was published on 2010/03/28